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MassageLine Clinic is a beautiful and friendly remedial massage and myotherapy studio servicing the Malvern East community since 2010.
Set in quiet art deco premises on Waverley Road, we are easily accessible by car and public transport. We pride ourselves on being emphathetic, caring and professional therapists and refer to ourselves as ’the family therapist’s. Over the years (of our presence in the suburb) we have developed very good rapport not just with single clients but with whole families. We love the fact that our clients trust us and think so highly of our skills that they send their grandparents, parents and children to us. We do not know everything but we always try to help our clients as much as we can. We do not ‘own’ our clients. If their condition is not responding to our treatment or is out of our scope of practice, we do refer clients to other therapists or suggest modalities that would be more beneficial to them. We are happy for them to try other therapists and other clinics and encourage them to find the best therapist that suits them… but we surely love to see them back with us after their search! 

Well, we have clients who absolutely adore us and have been with us since “Day One”. Surely there would be clients that thought we were not their cup of tea. Yes, of course we would only put the absolutely brilliant testimonials on our www. But we will not do that. No testimonials here. We want you to come in and see it for yourself. Do not be a sheep and follow what others tell you (unless if by a personal recommendation). Be your own judge! You can make an appointment 24/7 online. Just follow the link. Just follow the link.

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