Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy used to treat or prevent soft tissue pain and restricted joint movement caused by muscle or myofascia dysfunction. Myofascia are the thin, fibrous sheets of tissue that surround and separate muscles. Ligaments and tendons are comprised of bundled myofascia.

In Myotherapy the aim is to find the cause of the client’s symptoms and treat it.  The client may present symptoms, such as headaches, but that may be a secondary issue. The headache can be caused, for example, by trigger points in muscles in the chest, in the front of the neck or even from incorrect body posture. Myotherapist looks for what causes the symptoms and treat the appropriate area(s). The Therapists use a range of treatment techniques, such as localised massage, cryotherapy, cupping, trigger point therapy, myofascial dry needling or corrective exercise. They are trained in assessing a client’s body posture, muscle function and movement in more detail. Myotherapists use massage as a treatment tool but hardly ever rely only on massage. Myofascial dry needling is one of the Myotherapist’s biggest tool. 

Myotherapy and Massage – What’s the difference?
Myotherapy and massage are two distinct professions, with different aims and objectives, different health fund rebates, and very different educational pathways.  In common with physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors, myotherapists may use massage in their treatments, when warranted, but they also call upon a wide range of other evidence-based treatment approaches and skill-sets, which, in addition to manual therapy, dry needling, and thermo and electro-therapeutic techniques may include: exercise prescription and/or education about pain management, load management, activity modification and/or lifestyle modification. In common with the aforementioned allied health professions, myotherapy has its own separate qualifications, specifically the BHSc (Clinical Myotherapy), BHSc (Myotherapy) and AdvDip (Myotherapy), which qualify practitioners to undertake evidence-based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of patients experiencing musculoskeletal pain and associated conditions.(

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