Massage is not a luxury

to me it is a necessity in everyday life


Myotherapy & Remedial Massage Therapy in Malvern East inspiring the body’s natural self-healing response

Each treatment I perform is tailored to the client’s individual needs

However, I have developed a way of working that is very specific to me. My signature massage. The way I treat my clients is the way I like to be treated. Systemic and thorough. I care for the environment I treat in, I care for the quality of the treatment I perform, and I care for the safety and wellbeing of every and each client. My work is a reflection of my personality. And what is all that to you? Well, be sure that in my clinic you will be very well looked after.

Massage is suggested for stress management and muscle soreness

A physical therapy to treat and prevent tissue pain & restricted joints

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Remedial Massage + Myotherapy + Malvern-East

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About Simona

Remedial Massage Therapist/Myotherapist
The clinic owner

To me, massage is not a luxury. It is a necessity in everyday life. I care about my health and wellbeing and believe we all can live happy, healthy lives without excessive use of medication and chemical intervention. The third sentence may sound selfish. It is not. Because I care for my health, I also care for YOUR health. I truly do. That is why I became a massage therapist. I advocate for massage being used as a tool to improve people’s lives. Massage has relaxing, therapeutic, renewing and rejuvenating properties. It is not a cure for everything, but it is an excellent aid in helping one feel better and more comfortable in everyday life.

Remedial Massage + Myotherapy + Malvern-East